i am so confused


latest, i am so excited. i am so silenced. i am so shadowed. i am so dark to see the light.

then, after getting small something important very far time and space, i mention it : shabr. And accumulating the shine of my soul from zero to unlimited light. now, i am became freely, feels the freedom of soul. then overcome the big stone in my face. and i am getting destroy the hardest problem in my life. and it is the key, Quran.

from senior high school i am always asked to my self, what the point problem in the fact? and the proccess finding the shine, alhamdulillah has been finished.

it is light. the power of light. the incredible of light. and i feel so hamash because any my ligth in my heart, who always keep my dream, my path, my prayer and my goal Jannah.

back to the light.

any something confusing?

yes, i hope. and this is my chance to search my REAL LIGHT in this chance and this time.

perhaps, Allah give our destination to the favors which not yet feeling to the other human now.

simple final, take the wudlu, then read the Quran. You will find everything. Everything in the World, Universe and the light of “me”.

if reading this post, till confusing, till any question, the meaning is you are good.




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